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Hi, I’m Dani! I started Lionheart Liberation to help you get clarity on the burning questions in your life through mediumship and akashic records readings. Together, we’ll get your questions answered.

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Watch 6-figure agency owner, coach and entrepreneur Megan Grant get her questions answered, info about past lives and clarity during her Akashic Records session.

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Imagine being able to ask any question you want and getting answers that are tailored to and for you. Through an Akashic Records Reading we’ll go over your questions about anything in this life and lifetimes passed and provide mind blowing clarity and guidance. Whether you’re feeling sick and tired of being in the same pattern and don’t know how to get out of it, or want to know what steps you can take to make your relationships, love, finances and other areas of your life flow like you want them to, an Akashic Records reading can provide immense clarity on how to focus your next steps and start living the life you deserve.

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