Inner Child Healing Retreat

Join us at Gardenview Estates Bed and Breakfast in beautiful Kettle Falls, WA April 6-9th

Spiritual connection, emotional and physical release, community and healing all in one place. Your inner child is calling, will you answer?

This retreat has limited availability. Don’t delay, claim your spot now to make sure you get into the program!

Join us for a weekend of healing and letting go

Through powerful new moon ceremonies, gentle trauma informed yoga, and guided akashic records practice you’ll confront old patterns of belief, release stuck energies, and be ready to embody the full and total you. You’ll walk away refreshed, recharged and ready to take on life with a total and complete sense of who you are. Powerful resolve of what you’ve let go, and a new community of loving people. All while enjoying delicious plant based food to nourish your body with life and support your journey to healing.

What can you expect from the retreat:


WHO IS THIS healing retreat FOR?

Who is this for? ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!! All of us have wounding from childhood. Healing our inner child isn’t about blaming our parents or even about them at all. 

Healing our inner child, from whatever wounds may be there from a parent, guardian, caretaker, family member, friend, or stranger…is about taking responsibility for ourselves. We heal so that we can take our life back, we heal so that we can thrive, we heal so that we can be at peace.

Do you suffer from: 

  • Lack of decision making
  • Emotional regulation
  • Not taking responsibility for your life and choices
  • Not being able to speak up or say what’s on your mind
  • Blocks in your life can be traced back to DNA in that child

This is for you. This is for everyone.

Meet dani & Raine!

Dani is an Akashic Records Practitioner that specializes in Inner Child Healing. Through working on and healing her own Inner Child, she brings the wisdom of her own work and that of the Akashic Records to help others connect and heal so we can move on from the chains of the past.

Raine is a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor that is passionate about intuitively guiding their clients to move energies and trauma through the body safely and inclusively. Raine believes that all bodies can and should move, and with gentle guidance and support, together- we can connect to and align our physical and spiritual bodies.


Imagine being able to feel truly confident and secure in the decisions you make and want for your life…

Imagine being able to recognize and feel and be ok with your emotions even when things are uncomfortable

Imagine really knowing when a trigger is happening or a pattern is occurring because of your contribution or another’s… 

Being able to accept the total you with love and understanding

Imagine getting to be the parent you always wished you had

Imagine being able to speak what’s on your mind without anxiety of how it affects others or if you will be accepted or recieved

Imagine clearing the stuck blocks in your life and changing your DNA to be able to live the life you want, dream about and deserve


All of this is possible when you do the work, and we’re going to make it relaxing, fun and unforgettable, safe secure. Will you answer the call?


A day in the life...

We arrive April 6th 2023. Retreat will start approximately 1pm on the 6th.

After a relaxing morning on Sunday, checkout and goodbyes will be at 11am April 9th.

Sample Itinerary:

Thursday (arrival):

  • 1pm: Snacks & tea/water – get settled
  • 3pm: Chakra Balance Yoga w/Raine
  • 5pm: Welcome/Intros (ice breakers, tea, arrival gifts)
  • 6pm: Plant based dinner
  • 8pm: Grounding Meditation & Full Moon Ritual w/Dani & Raine


  • 9am: Breakfast
  • 10am: Inner Child Healing Ritual
  • 12:30-1pm: Plant based lunch
  • 1:30pm: Grounds Tour/ Processing Time
  • 3pm: Healing Yoga w/Raine
  • 430pm: Group Check-In/Shares/Discussion (Dani will be in the Records)
  • 6pm: Plant based dinner
  • 8pm: Meditation


  • 8am: Heart Opening Yoga w/Raine
  • 9am: Plant based breakfast
  • 10:00am: *optional* hike to Sherman Creek Point Trail
  • 1230pm: Plant based lunch
  • 2p: Inner Teen Healing Ritual
  • 5pm: Group Chat/Shares/Discussion (Dani will be in Records)
  • 6pm: Plant based dinner
  • 7pm: *bonus/optional: Healing/Self Love Spell
  • 8pm: Meditation

Sunday (departure):

  • 8am: Healing and Letting Go Yoga with Raine
  • 9am: Breakfast
  • 10am: Mediation/Discussion/Goodbyes
  • 11am: Check out

The investment

$1666 - $3555

Prices are $1666 or $1777 for a shared bed and $1999 or $3555 for a Private room or suite. Price is all inclusive not including Flights.

Don't miss this...

There are only a few spots available. If you’re feeling called, this is your sign that this retreat is for you and WILL change your life. I promise you will walk away from this weekend feeling in control of your life again. The tools to connect with yourself and community on a deeper level and leave fully in alignment with your desires, life and purpose. The time is now will you answer the call?