New Moon in Aries

Hi –! I’m so excited to make magic with you this Sunday under this fiery new moon in Aries! Below you’ll find a list of the tools you’ll want for the ritual (you will also receive the ritual ahead of time if you’re signed up for my mailing list)–

I will open the room up a few minutes before 6p to meet and greet you and at 6p we will kick off the Ritual with a visualization/meditation led by Tatiana of Yes To Soul (this is part of our ritual so you won’t want to miss it)

*If you are late and arrive during the mediation please mute yourself upon arrival and get settled in*

After the meditation we will get started on our ritual; like I said, you’ll have a copy but I will lead you through every step from setting up to cleaning up and I will be available for a few minutes after to answer any questions and chat a bit!

The entire ‘event’ should take no more than 60 minutes!

See you Sunday!!

Bay Leaves
Pen or Marker
Fire Safe bowl
Matches or a lighter
Candles (as many or as few as you’d like)
Crystals (Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz)
Cleansing tool
Glass or bowl of water

*please note: we will be working with fire and burning the bay leaves- please be safe and responsible.


New Moon in Aries


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