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The New Year New Magic is a 4 week guided program designed to help you get in touch with your inner power so you can create true change in your life and your relationships.

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1-0n-1 sessions with work you do at home direct from your MTLo's

Tired of feeling stuck, or like you are always on the verge of something big but not sure where to put your energy or focus to create that TRUE shift you’re looking for in your life?

I know you’re ready to do the work if you knew what to do, and what better way than to get it directly from your Master’s, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLO’s) giving you guidance on exactly what to do to create the changes you’re craving.

Hi! I'm Dani–

Passionate vegan, Leo sun, Libra moon and Sagittarius rising.
After getting certified to read the Akashic Records, I discovered the true power of this work and knew that I had a knack for it and, combined with my other gifts, could really serve the collective and help people be their absolute best selves…and not only that, but the healing that comes from the work (for me) and connecting with such wise and caring beings (for you) induces the healing we need so that we can live our very best lives.
Seeing all of the amazing results and changes in my clients helped me understand that the MTLOs have so much wisdom to share and when people tune into this, they get amazing results!

Let’s be real, i had to overcome some real challenges to get here.

Ya’ll. If I had started this 10 years ago…I had multiple psychics and other intuitives tell me “you could do what I do…you could do this.” I always laughed…I never DID it. 

Until my very dear friend took her own leap. And guess what? It worked! She’s amazing and she’s kicking ass. And guess what? She’s the one that certfied me to Read the Akashic Records!

Introducing the New Year New Magic one month guided program

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… and get started on your journey to discovering and unlocking the magic inside of you.

(Only 3 spots. Act now!)


How it works

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3. Get to work!


Being guided by the most loving group of parents or grandparents you’ll ever know. Your very own Fairy Godparents…

Getting guidance and homework directly form your MTLO’s who love you and want you to succeed and know the way…

Knowing exactly which direction to go…

Knowing where to put your time and energy to make the most impact. And knowing what to let go of…

Dissolving old thoughts and behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you…

Having the motivation and confidence to move forward or take action…

Being able to stand rooted and grounded in who you are and where you’re going…being able to say “I’m that B*tch and I’m going for everything I dream of”…

Each seat includes

Plus these bonuses:

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Why sign up? learn how to create the best relationship of you life.

Your sessions will include everything you need to stay on track.


Will this really work for me?

The short answer: YES! YOU are capable of anything and with the help and support of your MTLO’s (and me) you WILL get to where we’re going!

Who is this for?

This is for anyone that’s tired of being in their own way. This is for anyone that is ready to level up, to excel, to move forward.

Can I make payments?

Yes! All it takes to reserve your spot and sign up is $111 (the final payment should be paid in full before our last meeting)

Why is everyone’s homework different?

Because each persons homework will be tailor-made for YOU by your MTLO’s!

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What's my investment?

One Time Payment



(Only 3 spots. Act now!)

Tired of dreaming and ready to take action!?

If you’re wondering if you’re ready, this is your sign!! YOU ARE! And there’s no better time than the PRESENT!!

Take a leap of faith…not in me, but in you. If you’re ready to COMMIT to growth and changing your mindset and life….the time is now and it won’t be here forever!

(Only 3 spots. Act now!)

You have what it takes–It’s time to shine!

(Only 3 spots. Act now!)

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