How It Works

A quick walk through how it all works and how to prepare

How to Start

  1. Schedule your free consultation
  2. We’ll go over your needs and suggest the package to go forward
  3. Pay for the session you choose online and mark your best time in the calendar (don’t worry if you don’t see a time that works, we can accommodate reasonable requests)

How do I prepare for my session?

  1. Once you’ve purchased your session start to think of the questions you have
  2. Imagine all of the great clarity you’ll receive and let go of needing to control
  3. Have no fear; your guides provide answers from a place of the highest love that will always feel good and make sense to you, because they want the very best for YOU

I'm ready let's go!

If you have questions about your life that you’ve been trying to answer and after years and years you’re still dealing with it, an Akashic Records Reading may be right for you. Together we’ll go over anything you want clarity on, so you can move forward in the best way and stop repeating patterns that get you nowhere.