Akashic Records Reading

It’s time to get answers so you can take the next steps in life that you’ve been needing to take

so, what are the akashic records anyway?

Imagine there was a record of every single snapshot of every moment in time that all related to one another in an endless stream of information. From the plant in your kitchen to the lamp on your table, from one life to the next, everything has a record. We will speak with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, that want the very best for you, that want to see you succeed in the ways you do, without the holdups and fears that you have. Imagine someone that knows you so well, better than you’re willing at times to know yourself, that can offer guidance and clarity on your questions in life in a loving and supportive way that makes sense to you and helps you move forward with clarity into the next phase or journey of your life. That’s an Akashic Records Reading in a nutshell.

What's it like?

You know that voice in your head that tells you critical things at critical moments in your life? I’m talking about the voice that says “You can do this”, “Take a leap of faith”, “Leave this situation”. That’s the experience you’ll have with an Akashic Records Reading. Through your reading your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will have a clear, focused and open line of communication with you to offer guidance and clarity on your questions about life right now.

Do I need a reading?

If you have questions about life that you’ve been trying to answer and after years and years you’re still feeling blocked or confused, an Akashic Records Reading may be right for you. Together we’ll go over anything you want clarity on, so you can move forward in the best way, heal, and stop repeating patterns that get you nowhere.

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